Access Subscription Center AutoCad 2010

You can click the Subscription Center button to display links to information about subscription services such as product enhancements, personalized web support from Autodesk technical experts, and self-paced e-Learning. To learn more about Autodesk subscription membership, visit

Autodesk Subscription Services

With Autodesk Subscription, you get the latest releases of Autodesk software, incremental product enhancements, personalized web support from Autodesk technical experts, and self-paced e-Learning.

Subscription services are available to subscription members only (available in countries/regions where Autodesk subscriptions are offered).

Click the Subscription Center button in the InfoCenter box to access the following options:

  • Create support request. Provides direct communication with Autodesk support technicians. You receive fast, complete answers to your installation, configuration, and troubleshooting questions.
  • View support request. Tracks and manages your questions and responses through Autodesk's support system.
  • Edit Subscription Center profile. Sets up and maintains your subscription membership.
  • View e-Learning catalog. Features interactive lessons organized into product catalogs.
  • e-Learning lessons. Provides e-Learning lessons. Each lesson is 15-30 minutes and features hands-on exercises, with an option to use a simulation instead of the software application. You can use an online evaluation tool that identifies gaps in skills, determines the lessons that will be most helpful, and keeps track of learning progress.

Subscription Resources and Privacy

Subscription resources provide interactive product features over the Internet. Each time you access subscription resources from Subscription Center in an Autodesk product, product information (such as the serial number, version, language, and the subscription contract ID) is sent to Autodesk for verification that your product is on subscription.

Autodesk compiles statistics using the information sent to subscription resources to monitor how they are being used and how they can be improved. Autodesk maintains the information provided by or collected from you in accordance with Autodesk's published privacy policy, which is available at

Enable Subscription Resources

The CAD Manager Control Utility can be used to turn Subscription Resources on and off in the program.

To access the Subscription Center in the program

  1. In the InfoCenter box, click the Subscription Center button.
  2. On the Subscription Center panel, under Subscription Center, click the subscription resource you want to access.
NoteSubscription Center is not available to all product users. If subscription resources are not available in your product, your product is not entitled to subscription benefits.

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