Overview of Communication Center AutoCad 2010

To open Communication Center, click the Communication Center button in the InfoCenter box.

Communication Center provides the following types of announcements:

  • Autodesk Channels: Receive support information, product updates, and other announcements (including articles and tips).
  • CAD Manager Channel. Receive information (RSS feeds) published by your CAD manager.
  • RSS Feeds. Receive information from RSS feeds to which you subscribe. RSS feeds generally notify you when new content is posted. You are automatically subscribed to several default RSS feeds when you install the program.

You can customize the items that display in the Communication Center panel.

Communication Center Online Privacy

Communication Center is an interactive feature that must be connected to the Internet in order to deliver content and information. Each time Communication Center is connected, it sends your information to Autodesk so that you receive the correct information. All information is sent anonymously to Autodesk to maintain your privacy.

The following information is sent to Autodesk:

  • Product name (in which you are using Communication Center)
  • Product release number
  • Product language
  • Country/region (specified in the Communication Center settings)
  • Your subscription contract number (if you’re a subscription customer)

Autodesk compiles statistics using the information sent from Communication Center to monitor how it is being used and how it can be improved. Autodesk maintains information provided by or collected from you in accordance with the company's published privacy policy, which is available on http://www.autodesk.com/privacy.

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